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Dr Maltz is the best optometrist in Houston! He is patient, caring, and takes time to explain the why’s and how’s so that you come away with a great understanding of your eye care treatment. The Optical Team is great as well! Thank you Tina for the lovely treatment and the great picks on frames.
1 month ago
- Chris C.
Firstly, I want to say that Dr. Davis is amazing! She is a fountain of knowledge, she actually encouraged me, to try and read the lines as best as I could without straining my eyes. I appreciated her for that. Secondly, Issac was like a host, at an upscale restaurant. I left there feeling better about my vision 😌. Dr. Davis guided me to a better lens shape, that would be more of a help for my specific vision related issues. I have VSP insurance, they were in-network with my specific plan, I did have an out-of-pocket after my insurance payment (this does vary, from plan to plan, you may have absolutely no out-of-pocket, that just depends on "your" specific insurance plan.), and my eye glass brand was Ray- Ban. So, not too expensive at all. I would definitely recommend this place.
2 months ago
- Zack B.
Dr Maltz has been taking care of my eyes for years, and now takes care of my children as well. His entire staff is amazing, and he is exams are extremely thorough. When it comes to eyewear, he always carries unique, smaller, handmade brands that make really fashionable accessories.
2 months ago
- Nola B.
So welcoming and helpful… TINA IS AWESOME
3 months ago
- Victoria H.
Amazing customer service from everyone at the Briargrove location, especially Isaac. I had an emergency situation in which I needed glasses as soon as possible (I don’t live in Houston and needed to drive back home). The prescription in one of my eyes had changed dramatically and I wasn’t able to drive or work for an entire week. After calling over 10 different businesses, none were going to be able to help me in a timely manner (businesses claiming same day weren’t actually able to honor that due to my prescription strength, and many required an appointment just to shop). I called this location and after hearing my predicament, Isaac was able to help me out with a super fast turnaround on two pairs of glasses. Most businesses quoted me 1 to 2 weeks, I had my primary pair of glasses ready in less than 24 hours. I cannot function without glasses so I’m super grateful. Thank you all and thank you Isaac for the help! TSO please give everyone here an amazing bonus or raise! I'm checking in to say that I'm grateful for Dr. Wayne Matlz and Amalia Davis. I continued to have vision problems. Due to the unusual onset of my double vision, Dr. Amalia Davis suggested getting some imaging done just to be sure neurologically everything was sound. She called my primary doctor for me and within a few days I was in an MRI machine. A few days later it was discovered that I have multiple sclerosis. I don't know how long it would've taken to be diagnosed otherwise so I'm forever grateful for Dr. Davis. More important to me was that she was the first person there for me and gently broke the news that there was a chance this could be a little more serious than just vision problems. Thank you again Dr. Amalia Davis and everyone here at TSO.
3 months ago
- Louie P.
Isaac was very helpful went above and beyond to make sure I got the pair of glasses I wanted! Great customer service I will most definitely be going back!!
3 months ago
- connie G.
Had my first glasses perscription filled at TSO. Issac was extremely helpful and informative through the whole process. Greatly enjoying my new glasses! The service and product were all exceptional.
4 months ago
- Daniel B.

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