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Patient FAQ’s

The Doctors at TSO Briargrove want to make sure that you receive all of the information that you need to make educated decisions about your eye health. We are always available to answer your questions.


TSO Briargrove optometrists answer frequently asked questions

Q: Why do I need to hold items with small print further away in order to read them?

A: After age 40, people go through a natural process of the eyes called Presbyopia. During Presbyopia, the lenses of the eyes become less focusable. Your eye doctor can diagnose this condition and prescribe the appropriate corrective lenses to enable you to read.

Q: I’ve always had great eyesight but I recently turned 45 and I’m having trouble reading the small print on cereal boxes and in the newspaper. What can I do about this?

A: Your eyes are going through a condition called presbyopia which is when the lenses inside the eyes are unable to focus as they once did.. This is a normal condition that effects to people of your age and especially men. There are some great products available to help you and we typically prescribe either multi focal glasses or contact lenses to treat this condition. Come in for a consultation and we’ll discuss treatment options that match your lifetsyle.

Q: I just turned 45 and noticed that I’m having trouble reading the small print on the cereal box and my computer screen. What’s happening to my eyesight?

A: You’re experiencing a condition called presbyopia, which is a normal condition for your age. It usually occurs after age 40, when the lens inside your eye becomes more dense and less pliable and therefore more difficult to focus. The remedy for this is wearing reading glasses for your close distance needs or multifocal glasses. If you are not used to wearing glasses, there are also multifocal contact lenses that may be a good solution for you. Set up an appointment and we can create a tailored treatment plan that will help you with your reading and using your computer.

Q: At what age should my child have an eye exam?

A:TSO Briargrove eye doctors recommend children start having a yearly eye exam at 5 years old, which is when most kids are starting kindergarten. If your child is younger than this and you notice visual problems, they should be seen by a pediatric optometrist.

Q: What can I do so that I won't suffer from Dry Eye?

A: Dry eyes can be caused by many factors including overall health, lid disease, environment and computer use. For minor dry eye, OTC lubrication drops can be used as needed. If this does not solve the problem, a thorough eye exam is needed to determine the cause. Your eye doctor can create a treatment plan geared toward your specific dry eye cause.

Q. Should I wear sunglasses in winter?

A. Yes, sunglasses protect the eyes from damaging ultra violet radiation. These rays are present even when it is cold outside.

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